My Impact

My experience in the industry over the past seven years makes me uniquely. I have spent four years as a Software Test Analyst for the Federal Government of Brazil where my focus was digital security, data collection, and entity certification. My work there helped millions of students to use tools for onboarding on universities and helped them get their diplomas.

Following my time with the government I took a position with Apontador in Brazil as a Content Editor and Community Manager. In this role I oversaw a team of reviewers where I evaluated and provided feedback for business reviews and ratings. At Apontador we helped thousands of local businesses gain visibility with the community boosting their profits.

In the meantime, I created my own tech blog, that gave me the ability to learn the basics of CSS, HTML and JavaScript. My blog was reaching 3 million pageviews per month.

Later I took a position with Vaco where we worked on YouTube’s monetization policies and training. I helped provide quality assurance and improve machine classifiers to ensure safety of the platform. Daily responsibilities include reviewing select content against the monetization policies and training the automated systems. My impact at YouTube was to bring the media companies together and to make a safe place to them announce their ads on the platform. There I had the opportunity to conduct team training and to help create new policies.

My current position is with Facebook where I started as a Video Monetization Specialist, helping media companies to use our beta tools. There I worked directly with the Engineers and Payments Team. I was later promoted to the Social Good Team. Here I made a huge global impact to the Facebook community by helping thousands of nonprofits with onboarding to Facebook’s Charitable Giving Tools. In my current role with the Social Good Team I work cross-functions, documenting, training and doing quality assessments for the team.

To be continued….